Relearning the user journey map — lessons from healthcare

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Reframing my mindset

Everything but the kitchen sink

“It takes a community of providers to treat a person.”

  • Open a telehealth app or call your clinic
  • Schedule an appointment to see a doctor
  • Get diagnosis during appointment
  • Receive an emailed or faxed prescription
  • Send or fax the prescription to the closest pharmacy
  • Have the pharmacy fill the prescription
  • The pharmacy checks the drug availability beforehand and prepares prescription
  • Speak to a pharmacist at the pharmacy
  • Pick up prescription
  • Payment / Subsidy

Exploring emotions

In summary

  1. Healthcare is expensive, both for providers and taxpayers (patients)
  2. Even with the top healthcare system in the world, France has its fair share of problems, such as the shortage of local doctors and the rising costs of medicine.
  3. Scaling a healthcare system is a behemoth task that has to factor thousands of staff, devices, platforms and material costs
  4. Medical products and instruments need to be sterile, which increases the use of single-use equipment for convenience
  5. Single-use = Lots of waste = Environmental pollution

Where do I go from here?



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