A photo of an iPhone screen showing Clubhouse on the App Store — by Erin Kwon on Unsplash

When I read about Elon Musk’s Clubhouse invite to Kanye West, I thought Clubhouse was solely for wealthy LA/SF socialites, where they’d wax lyrical about private jets and rooftop parties.

A week later, after an hour of chatting with fellow designer Aaron Veale, did the subject of the fascinating tech…

Taken at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, NYC

I was 10 when I last held her hand. Beside me was my father and my aunt — her son and her daughter. I didn’t understand a word she spoke as dementia had taken her away from us. For how long, I didn’t know. As a naive child, my grasp…

In the midst of the Summer of COVID, I set upon a project that scared me.

Being a homebody with health issues, not going out in summer heat is something I enjoy.

It was the perfect time to embark on a project that was on top of mind for a…

I’m used to long days — staring at the computer for hours, meetings, smalltalk and after-work networkers, but on this day, I caved.

I put up my impersonal wall and opened the door to Avicii blasting a million decibels and a bunch of strangers I didn’t know. It was 11pm…

Do I wash my hair with this?

Why design dissonance is necessary

Imagine this: You lean back against your seat after writing a long proposal at work and get ready to send it. It feels good doesn’t it? As you open your mail software and compose a new message, attach the file and add recipients, you count…

Sara S.

Longtime traveller, UX explorer and chilli lover. INFJ.

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